Breathing helps to self-regulate stress levels because of what happens in the body’s nervous system, which consists of two opposing forces. These forces work to speed up or slow down processes in the body.

Air Dancer is a mobile application that focuses on the benefits of deep abdominal breathing to reduce stress. 


• UX design

• User research

• Prototyping





A survey by the American Psychological Association showed that teens in America reportedly experience higher levels of stress than adults.

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journey map

By creating a user journey map, I was able to visual how  school, social life, career plans, as well as financial and family problems act as pain points in their day.


Interviewing stakeholders





By surveying the current landscape of stress relieving mobile applications, I recognized how saturated the market is with products that focus on mindfulness or require a large amount of user input and envisioned a disruptive solution when observing the behavior of air dancers. 




screen development

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3 Key Functions


how does it work

Users breathe into the microphone to make an air dancer move and dance. They can choose from a variety of backgrounds and customize the air dancer's color. As a platform, Air Dancer allows users to connect with their friends to breathe together.



Air Dancer also lives beyond your phone as a form of large-scale, interactive installations. Participants are empowered with super human abilities when they breathe into a tube that triggers the inflation of giant air dancers.